For added protection when brushing and flossing may not be enough, Planet Dental offers dental sealants in Laredo, Texas. This treatment is especially beneficial for those hard-to-reach spots on molars. The little cracks and grooves, if not cleaned, can develop cavities. To prevent this, Dr. Labbe, Dr. Staat, and associates can apply sealants to your child’s teeth.

Sealants are usually recommended to children, most often between 6 and 12 years. Young patients not only are unaccustomed to regular brushing and hygiene habits, but also are most at risk when it comes to dental health. Dental sealants create a uniform surface over the tooth’s natural texture. This repels food particles and bacteria formation which can lead to infection and rot. The sealant’s smoothness can also make it easier for young patients to effectively brush and clean their teeth.

Some adults may receive a sealant treatment as well, depending on their situation and overall dental health. These may include patients who suffer simply a general proclivity towards dental decay. If patients have teeth that have previously had extensive decay or are undergoing restoration, sealants may also be recommended.

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