Welcome to Planet Dental, your dentists and orthodontists in Laredo, Texas, and the surrounding areas of Webb County. At our practice, we are customer-oriented, focusing on our patients’ needs. We are very open and transparent as to what needs to be done. We are also inclusive with parents, ensuring they are there for the procedures and will talk to children, even in the middle of a procedure, letting them know what we are doing. If at any time we see kids in distress, we will stop. Our top priority is our patients, and it shows by the way we not only treat you, but listen to your concerns.

Our amazing dental team, led by Dr. Paul Labbe and Dr. Matthew Staat, is vibrant, interactive, happy, positive, and lights up a room. To ensure you and your kids are treated gently and with their needs in mind, we provide a variety of media, such as interactive areas, video games, and entertainment–things to help kids feel safe, relaxed, and comfortable.

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