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| Who We Are |
Planet Dental is founded on creating extraordinary experiences for both patients and staff. The company initially started out with two doctors who had a vision. The vision was based on four Core Values still in existence today.

o Growth – We challenge ourselves
o Respect – We value one another
o Impact – We leave a lasting impression
o Positivity – We find opportunity in every situation

The belief in these values is how we push ourselves to excellence. They aren’t just words used in the office; we believe in them wholeheartedly. So much so, they accompany us in our day-to-day lives. Yet, what we believe above all else is one must have balance. At Planet Dental, we invest the most time into our team members. We acknowledge that when you join our family, you aren’t just looking for a job. You want to be challenged. You want to serve a purpose. You want a career.

| What Are We Looking For? |
Our Human Resources department is constantly on the lookout for individuals who are passionate about development. They dedicate countless hours to ensuring our staff feel engaged, empowered and, most importantly, supported. We recognize that not only are we making an investment in you, you are also making an investment in us. Thus, we strive to cater the most positive work environment by promoting from within, while cultivating an inclusive culture and providing opportunity for continued education. We aren’t satisfied with simply imparting skills for the job; our aim is to add value to your life.

| What to Expect |
We ask a lot from our staff. So, when it’s time to work, we work hard. Our team understands with every interaction comes an opportunity to leave a lasting impression. We continue to separate ourselves by instilling an open communication policy, accompanied by a collaborative spirit. Here, you have a say in the strategic direction of the company. Where else can you have such an impact? Imagine yourself coming up with the next big idea! A process improvement that increases efficiency, a money-saving product idea or a customer service approach that WOWs our patients. See something that isn’t working? You’re encouraged to speak up. We want your creativity and critical thinking!

| Come One, Come All |
Worried about lacking dental or healthcare experience? Don’t be. Utilizing our structured six (6) week training program, we equip you with the tools needed to be successful. In fact, we are so confident in our process that all you need to bring is your excitement and willingness to learn. We will take care of the rest! So, get a firm grip and hang on… this is going to be fun!