Your oral health is important to us. That is why Dr. Labbe, Dr. Staat, and associates recommend scheduling dental exams and cleanings in Laredo, Texas, every six months. With every patient’s checkup, our practice provides both an exam and a thorough cleaning to keep your teeth healthy and monitor the possible appearance of decay or disease. During your visit, our doctors and dental team will complete several steps and procedures. These will include:

  • Give your teeth a complete flossing
  • Provide patients with a fluoride treatment applied to the tooth’s surface, strengthening and protecting the enamel of your teeth
  • Polish the surface of your teeth for brighter-looking smile
  • A basic cleaning of your teeth. Our doctors will remove any tartar, also clinically named dental calculus, and plaque. (Buildup in any of these may eventually cause gum or oral diseases and general tooth decay.)
  • Thoroughly check your smile for any hint or manifestations of deterioration or dental conditions

Book your appointment to get you and your family into see our dentists. At Planet Dental, we want to ensure you walk out smiling, with a clean and fresh mouth. Contact us today at 956-242-4245 and allow our dentists to give you a reason to smile!