Dental bridges are often recommended by dentists for patients who need restoration work on multiple, neighboring teeth. With bridges, patients can easily return to normal speech and bite function. This restoration also allows doctors to alleviate undo stress on the teeth and jaw when biting, restore the shape of the cheeks and face, retain the position of existing teeth, replace partial dentures, and enhance your smile.

Bridges are used in conjunction with two dental crowns placed over the existing teeth—or placed dental implants—on either edge of the gap. These hold the prosthetic in place, anchoring it to your smile and providing a long-lasting and durable structure. Our fixed bridges are a permanent solution and are not a removeable prosthetic like traditional dentures. Each procedure typically has patients sit in for no more than two visits, completely completing the bridge within our practice.

If you have one or more missing teeth, dental bridges are a great substitute to help close the gap. Our dentists, Dr. Labbe, Dr. Staat, and associates can take impressions of your teeth and ensure you have the right fit to fit your existing tooth color. At Planet Dental, we welcome you to call us for more information on dental bridges in Laredo, Texas. Our contact number is 956-242-4245. We hope to see you soon!