For those pesky cosmetic issues, our dentists may recommend dental bonding in Laredo, Texas. The dental bonding material is made of a composite resin, with a putty-like texture. This composite can be molded directly onto the tooth’s surface, repairing and disguising any flaws, unevenness, or even gaps within your smile. Sculpted to match the surrounding teeth, the material is then hardened into shape, forming a long-lasting dental cast or plaster-like covering. The cast is then pruned and polished for a visually pleasing result.

At Planet Dental, we can use materials that match your natural tooth color, correcting stained or discolored teeth, fixing moderate flaws, and restoring your smile back to beautiful! If patients prefer, we can also provide a slightly whiter tooth shade and then use whitening treatments on their preexisting teeth. Dental bonding procedures are non-invasive, with the tooth needing little to no groundwork preparation beforehand. This means that for the patient, Planet Dental is able to make their dental bonding appointment painless and very comfortable. The procedure also rarely takes more than a single visit to the dentist. Dr. Labbe, Dr. Staat, and associates can consult with you, to determine if dental bonding is right for you. Feel free to contact our office at 956-242-4245.