Babies should begin receiving dental healthcare when their first teeth erupt, and that is why we offer dental care for infants in Laredo, Texas. At Planet Dental, we strive to teach parents how to care for their infant’s teeth so dental problems have less of a chance of surfacing later in life. Dr. Labbe, Dr. Staat, and associates focus on proper care for babies’ teeth and gums, from brushing to flossing, and even gum care.

Even before your baby’s teeth have erupted, it is a good idea to swap their gums with a warm washcloth to ensure formula or breast milk is not sitting on the gums for too long. Also, when their first few teeth arrive, our dentists may recommend a short initial visit which will help set up a routine schedule for cleanings and exams when they are older. Dr. Labbe, Dr. Staat, and associates can also check to see if the teeth are coming in properly and the health of the gums, as well as jaw development.

For more information on how our dentists can care for your infant, we invite you to contact our office at 956-242-4245. We are eager to hear from you, so please call us today!