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Did you know there are habits you might participate in at work that can harm your teeth? Well, it’s true. This is why our team encourages you to keep your smile in mind while you complete your work projects and assignments. Unfortunately, there are many things that can harm your smile if you’re not careful. It’s best to avoid those habits at all costs. Those habits are:

-Using your teeth as tools, like using your teeth to open packages or tear off a tag.

-Chewing on pens and pencils. This can add pressure to the teeth and create small tooth fractures.

-Sipping on your caffeinated or sugary drink throughout the day. It’s best to drink it quickly so your teeth aren’t exposed to harmful substances constantly.

-Smoking. Smoking promotes major health and oral health issues, especially cavities, gum disease, tooth loss, and oral cancer.

-Leaving your toothbrush at home. It’s best to have a toothbrush in your desk so you can brush after lunch each day. This can help you maintain a strong and healthy smile.

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