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For most people, getting dentures is a huge adjustment. Getting used to the fit of the false teeth, having them optimized when required and learning to care for them suitably will take a little time. Please know that the whole staff at Planet Dental is rooting for you, and we’re here to support you in whatever way you need us to. We hope the following data can be of use to you during this transition stage.

Once you’ve been fitted for false teeth, your mouth will need some time to acquaint with them. Typically food is the only foreign substance in your oral cavity, so your brain will likely send salivation signals to your mouth, triggering superfluous saliva. You might also detect that there are slight marks on your gums after removing the false teeth at first. Fortunately, these processes normally end within one to two days after patients start wearing dentures. We recommend that you plan follow-up checkups with us so that Dr. can readjust your false teeth as needed when you’re first getting accustomed to them. After a couple of weeks, your false teeth should feel entirely natural to your oral cavity.

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