Infection can seep into the pulp of a tooth, resulting in pain and swelling. To treat this, you may need to seek root canal treatment. Also known simply as a “root canal”, this procedure treats the internal structure, beyond the surface enamel, of an infected or damaged tooth. If the damage spreads too much and the tooth dies, the only option left is removal of the tooth.

Treating a tooth with root canal therapy prevents the spread of the infection and the possible death of the tooth. Our dentists, with the help of their dental team, remove any infected or inflamed endodontic tissue, clean out the space, and replace the removed structure with biocompatible materials. The site is then covered with one of our restorative crowns. At this last step, the tooth regains both its functionality and appearance. With our quality service, we can restore your tooth’s health and keep your smile intact.

If you or your child has these symptoms, and they need to quickly be addressed, our dentists may recommend root canal therapy in Laredo, Texas. Dr. Labbe, Dr. Staat, and associates will examine and X-ray your tooth to see if this procedure will benefit you. We welcome you to call Planet Dental at 956-242-4245 for an appointment today!