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When a tooth is knocked out the trauma to the dental structure and the surrounding soft tissues can often be severe. The pain and other complications require some basic first-aid measures while you seek emergency treatment at Planet Dental.

If the tooth was knocked out of the socket and is still intact, we might be able to insert it back into the socket. You can help keep it alive by holding it between your cheek and gums or by placing it a tooth preservation gel. The Hanks Balanced Salt Solution can nourish the tooth and any attached periodontal tissues while you make your way to Planet Dental.

After assessing the severity of the trauma, we will present you with applicable treatment options, including a potential root canal. If the tooth or the surrounding tissues have been severely traumatized, we might recommend extracting the remnants and suturing your gums. Afterward, we may prescribe pain medications to help you remain comfortable while the traumatized tissues heal.

If you are in the Laredo, Texas, area and you have suffered a severe dental trauma, you should call 956-242-4245 to seek treatment at Planet Dental. We look forward to keeping your smile safe for many years to come!